I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Hello, youngsters!

As usual, I almost forgot to congratulate you on Christmas. Anyway, I forgot that this page exists, I apologize.

Here I will fix this annoying oversight.

At first, i want to thank all for your letters and supports. You are all the best! And thank you for staying with me.

You may have noticed that December is a dead season in the music scene. But 2019 brought us a lot of great surprises.

I hope that the new year will bring even more wonderful music and cool releases.

And to each of you, I wish that music always sounded in your heart.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Your cap.

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Troubles are over

Hello, youngsters!

With great delay telling what happened during those few days.

You probably noticed how we suffered in agony from last friday. All because of copyright holders with govt's support have managed to suspend our server. Yep, it was literally "order from Cybercrime department of Bulgaria". Does it mean that old cpt. Cousteau is an international cybercriminal? But, it doesn't really matter.

At this moment main functionality is fully restored. We lost some last cosmetic changes, but it will be restored as soon as i can. The main problem is the lack of time. I changed the time zone four times in the last three days. In this mode, it’s quite difficult to keep up with everything, but i trying.

And I almost forgot to congratulate you on Halloween. So here is an another one awkward joker for you. He looks exactly as i feel all this days. But i hope your Halloween was more fun.

Anyway, the copyright holders won the battle, but did not win the war. And i wiil be ready for the next time.

And you, kiddos, take care and stay tuned!

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Uncle Jacques wants you

Greetings, youngsters.

A lot of time has passed since the last blog post. During this time, some cosmetic and technical changes have been made, but this is not what I want to say now.

We are few at the moment, but I want to thank each one, because each one is important. So first of all, I WANT YOU! Yes, i want you, and your friends! To build a solid and friendly community together.

Therefore, I want you to share a link to any album you like on your social networks, instant messengers or in any other way with your friends. By doing this you will make an invaluable contribution and help the development of the resource.

I'll try to post more often, and I'll keep doing my job. Do not forget that you can hit me up by email any time, I answer everyone.

And that's all for today. Take care, kids.

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Couple of changes

How do you do, fellow kids? Well, as you can see, we got some changes here. First of all it concerns the appearance. I know, its not completed yet and may look a little crippled, but i'm working on it. You better not even look at the mobile version, so, mobile guys, im sorry, you need to wait a bit.

But now we have SSL, really working zip downloads and playlists, which you can open with your local player for your comfort.

If you notice that something is not functioning correctly, you can email me. I am constantly working to improve the site, but not as fast as I would. In addition to "changelogs" I plan to publish more interesting things here and conduct surveys for feedback, so look at this page from time to time.

That's all for now, I think. Take care, fellow kids!

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